Since 2010, we’ve collaborated with a wide range of creatives and makers to turn visions into realities. Establishing ourselves in the creative industry through strong collaboration with production companies and designers to construct sets and structures for stage, screen, and spaces. From major scale sets to miniature stop motion worlds to stylish commercial events and exhibitions, we’ve done it.

Our team of carpenters, scenic painters, welders, prop-makers and production have years of combined experience catering to small and large scale projects all around the UK and internationally. We treat each project as a unique endeavour, forming long lasting relationships through collaboration with some incredible art directors, production designers and companies.

We don’t want to bombard you with information we know all you need to know is what we do, what we’ve done and how we could help you. So have a browse and get in touch if you think we’re right for you 🙂

We have our in house team and also employ from a pool of loyal freelancers, making Take 1 the big extended family that it is. All sharing a mutual love for the arts and design. We are always looking for new skillsets and talent so get in touch if you are looking for work.

We also offer CNC cutting services and have rentable workshop space available.

We adore what we do and hope you like what we make.

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“I’ve known Nic & Take 1 for & for well over twenty years now & when possible he’s become my ‘go-to’ contractor for just about all things scenic.

He & his team have always been a pleasure to work with – even on those high stress projects when time & money are tight.

Always very approachable & sensible, their experience & knowledge base is invaluable – & they’ve delivered high quality construction & finishes for me time after time – no matter how complex the set or how stupid the location.

Also being based outside London means their prices are usually more competitive & Nic’s always been happy to work with me to help to achieve budgets.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Chris Stephenson- Art Director